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Women Power

Posted by TeamAdmin2022 on Feb, 06, 2015

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.”

William Golding

I also understand and firmly believe that life is circumstances dominant and has a bearing on our thoughts and actions. And yes some conveniently situated, lucky people or escapists may refer to it as an excuse. But I empathise with the permutations and combinations of complex situations women in India have had to face… and still find themselves in, though fading. Of course my reference is generic and to the majority.

Personally I feel legal solution alone is not sufficient in many cases. What is required is to understand the web around them and how best to thread her out with a minimum rip/tear.
Her present scenario, family history, education, support system, strength to bear responsibilities, physical, mental & financial capacity, survival instincts… many more factors that should be kept in mind vis-à-vis a legal solution.

I wish it was simpler and I could enroll them with me in work, had there been such an infrastructure with me.. for now I can only counsel and motivate them.

It’s an irreplaceable moment when the same girl who you offered a paper napkin to wipe her tears is transformed into a soldier ready to battle. “I would not know, my father/ mother would know” to “Do I have to get them to court, I mean, I can handle it you know”.

Women, so easy to handle and mould yet when mishandled could transform into an independent entity.

“When someone says ‘You’ve changed’ it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way”—Anonymous.

So that’s when I pray that she discovers the essence & beauty of being a woman and to lead a balanced life. To realize the power within, use it optimally and find a purposeful living because she was the chosen one, capable of making a difference in someone’s life and not lead a normal …maybe.